Wrestling Results St. Johns Quad 3/6/21

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St. Johns Quad 3/6/21
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Sexton 12 St. Johns 66

125: Maliki Shakoor (LANSEXTN) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:00)
130: Jacob Brya (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (For.)
135: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (For.)
140: Double Forfeit
145: John Kinkema (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (Fall 0:00)
152: Dylan Sova (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (For.)
160: Justice Gonzalez (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (For.)
171: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Prasant Mangen (LANSEXTN) (Fall 0:00)
189: Braden Ball (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (For.)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over D`Quan Thurbur (LANSEXTN) (Fall 0:00)
285: CJ Krum (STJOHNS) over Marcus Glenn (LANSEXTN) (Fall 0:00)
103: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (Fall 0:00)
112: Rocco Torrez (LANSEXTN) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
119: Wes Schultz (STJOHNS) over (LANSEXTN) (For.)

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Portland 42 St. Johns 31

119: Ethan Webert (PORTLAND) over Wes Schultz (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:05)
125: Carter Johnson (PORTLAND) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:01)
130: Jacob Brya (STJOHNS) over Drew Miller (PORTLAND) (MD 13-4)
135: Isaiah Pelc (PORTLAND) over Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) (Dec 6-2)
140: Trent Triereiler (PORTLAND) over John Kinkema (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:21)
145: John Dodson (PORTLAND) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
152: Dylan Sova (STJOHNS) over Nick Winslow (PORTLAND) (Fall 2:42)
160: Justice Gonzalez (STJOHNS) over Deakin Guidi (PORTLAND) (Fall 5:09)
171: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Josh Feldpausch (PORTLAND) (Fall 3:57)
189: Chandler Murton (PORTLAND) over Braden Ball (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:09)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Jackson Weygandt (PORTLAND) (Dec 2-1)
285: CJ Krum (STJOHNS) over Branson Goodman (PORTLAND) (Fall 2:47)
103: Jake Olson (PORTLAND) over Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (SV-1 6-4)
112: Connor Gleason (PORTLAND) over Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:32)

Williamston 39 St. Johns 36

112: Ollie Brown (WILAMSTN) over Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:00)
119: Wes Schultz (STJOHNS) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)
125: Greg Dion (WILAMSTN) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:00)
130: Jacob Brya (STJOHNS) over Camden Johnecheck (WILAMSTN) (Dec 8-5)
135: Luke Mahaney (WILAMSTN) over Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) (Dec 10-4)
140: Ryker Johnecheck (WILAMSTN) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
145: Jared Bloom (WILAMSTN) over John Kinkema (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:00)
152: Dylan Sova (STJOHNS) over Sam Woodbury (WILAMSTN) (Dec 7-0)
160: Justice Gonzalez (STJOHNS) over Joe Mahaney (WILAMSTN) (Fall 0:00)
171: Ian Young (WILAMSTN) over Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:00)
189: Braden Ball (STJOHNS) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)
215: CJ Krum (STJOHNS) over Luke Chambers (WILAMSTN) (Fall 0:00)
285: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)
103: Jack Chambers (WILAMSTN) over Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:00)

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