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Grand Ledge Quad 2/28/21
Results via Trackwrestling.com

Holt 65 St. Johns 15

103: Jacob Harris (HOLT) over Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:02)
112: Ryan Mosher (HOLT) over Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:45)
119: Mariano Lopez (HOLT) over Wes Schultz (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:26)
125: Zach Platte (HOLT) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:15)
130: Jason Jones (HOLT) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
135: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Grant Bachman (HOLT) (Fall 3:46)
140: Ralph Thompson (HOLT) over John Kinkema (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:20)
145: Kaleb Bentley (HOLT) over Wyatt Blemaster (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:47)
152: Alex Russell (HOLT) over Dylan Sova (STJOHNS) (TF 18-3 4:33)
160: Adam Russell (HOLT) over Brandon Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:42)
171: Nathan Bremer (HOLT) over Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:28)
189: Ty Hafke (HOLT) over Braden Ball (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:13)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Cole Newman (HOLT) (Fall 3:42)
285: CJ Krum (STJOHNS) over Joshua Terrill (HOLT) (Dec 2-0)

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Comstock Park 38 St. Johns 36

152: Terrell Hawkins (COMSTKPK) over Dylan Sova (STJOHNS) (MD 10-2)
160: Tsion Hawkins (COMSTKPK) over Brandon Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (MD 10-0)
171: Eldon Marek (COMSTKPK) over Beau VanAbel (STJOHNS) (Fall 4:58)
189: Braden Ball (STJOHNS) over Drew Sikkema (COMSTKPK) (Fall 3:21)
215: CJ Krum (STJOHNS) over James Pefley (COMSTKPK) (Dec 4-1)
285: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Caleb Schaafsma (COMSTKPK) (Fall 4:24)
103: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over (COMSTKPK) (For.)
112: Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) over Landon Ramsey (COMSTKPK) (Fall 3:30)
119: Anthony Taylor (COMSTKPK) over Wes Schultz (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:10)
125: Dylan Cashman (COMSTKPK) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:32)
130: Caleb LaVallee (COMSTKPK) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
135: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Darren Maldonado (COMSTKPK) (Fall 0:38)
140: John Kinkema (STJOHNS) over Julio Huerta (COMSTKPK) (Dec 11-6)
145: Logan Witvoet (COMSTKPK) over Wyatt Blemaster (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:47)

Local Supporter: Deano’s Pizzeria

Grand Ledge 42 St. Johns 36

145: Dallis Atwell (GRDLEDGE) over Wyatt Blemaster (STJOHNS) (TF 16-1 1:00)
152: Devin Pfau (GRDLEDGE) over Dylan Sova (STJOHNS) (MD 11-3)
160: Finn Buckland (GRDLEDGE) over Brandon Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (MD 16-3)
171: Beau VanAbel (STJOHNS) over (GRDLEDGE) (For.)
189: Jackson Raymond (GRDLEDGE) over Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:37)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over (GRDLEDGE) (For.)
285: CJ Krum (STJOHNS) over Logan Allen (GRDLEDGE) (Fall 0:30)
103: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over (GRDLEDGE) (For.)
112: Carleigh Czerneski (GRDLEDGE) over Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) (TF 16-0 0:00)
119: Logan Sandell (GRDLEDGE) over Wes Schultz (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:34)
125: Dakota Patino (GRDLEDGE) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:00)
130: Andrew Fata (GRDLEDGE) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
135: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Caden Walsh (GRDLEDGE) (Fall 3:01)
140: John Kinkema (STJOHNS) over (GRDLEDGE) (For.)


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