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By Ty Wardin

I have played a lot of sports in the past and play a lot now. Right now I play basketball, baseball, and cross country. I enjoy all of them a lot. But to name a positive experience? There are way too many to count. I will name a few from these three sports I listed. I hope you enjoy!

Basketball:  This year I played basketball on the 7th grade A team. This was a very fun team. One of my favorite memories from that was when I dribbled up the court and saw nobody else was open, and I was right at the three point line. I knew it was a little late to shoot because my defender was closing in, but I shot. The boy guarding me slapped my arm as I went up. Swoosh. The ball swished cleanly into the net as the ref called the foul. Everybody went crazy, including me. That was very cool. Another thing I remember was back on the 5th grade team when we were at a tournament game. I was driving for a layup, but I was being pushed out by another kid. I didn’t want to just step out of bounds, so I hastily threw the ball up. It went right over the backboard and in. Everyone cheered and, to be honest, I was just as surprised as the other team.

Baseball:  Baseball is a super cool sport to play and watch. I normally play as a pitcher, first baseman, or center field. Some of my favorite memories were during my first year playing rec league. I remember one time, a kid on our team stepped up to the plate. He was a pretty good hitter, and we all expected him to hit a single, or maybe a double. On the very first pitch, he cranked the ball all the way to the outfield. It was my first time seeing somebody hit a home run, and I went crazy. Another thing I remember was when I first tried out pitching. I practiced with my dad out in the yard, but never in a game. Coach had seen me pitch in practice, and he must’ve been pretty confident in my skills. Our pitcher was not doing very well and had been pitching for a while. There were three kids on all of the bases. Coach brought me in. I went in and struck out the side, meaning I got all of the kids on base out and didn’t let anybody else on base. Coach called me our “secret weapon.”

Cross Country: I have been doing cross country ever since 6th grade and I enjoyed it both years. One experience I remember was during this year. We were going on a long run, about four miles. Right when I was about halfway done, it started pouring. Nobody thought we should stop, so we ran two miles, getting soaked. At one point a car drove by and splashed us with water, but nobody really noticed because we were so wet. Soon Mr. Mohre came and led us back. He instructed us to take our shoes off, which we were all confused by. He brought out at least 15 cartons of eggs, only to make us more confused. He announced we would do egg tosses. We all had a really fun time, and I’m sure I will remember this for a long time. I also remember back in 6th grade, my first year, I was following some 8th graders. Unbeknownst to me and some of my friends, the 8th graders also had no idea where to go. As you would probably expect, we got lost. We eventually decided to come back. Everyone was already back at the school, and we found out we had run five miles whereas everyone else ran two miles. It was really funny, and I got to know some more of those 8th graders. I really enjoy sports and look forward to doing more as they come up.

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