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Holt 38 vs. St Johns 21 (01/17/2024)

175: Mike Berkhousen (STJOHNS) over Deacon Thompkins (HOLT) (Dec 7-4)
190: Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) over Carl Flinton (HOLT) (Fall 2:40)
215: Cooper Thompkins (HOLT) over Abram Matice (STJOHNS) (TB-1 10-7)
285: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Seth Holtry (HOLT) (Dec 7-2)
106: Alainnah Mosher (HOLT) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
113: Gustavo Limas (HOLT) over Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) (Dec 6-0)
120: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Wesley Middlin (HOLT) (Dec 5-1)
126: Jacob Harris (HOLT) over Gabe Mares (STJOHNS) (Fall 2:43)
132: Barnet Fink (HOLT) over Xavier Benjamin (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:38)
138: Bennett Ward (STJOHNS) over David Lepley (HOLT) (Dec 21-16)
144: Leo Trumble (HOLT) over Cohen Larrison (STJOHNS) (MD 8-0)
150: Ayden Mosher (HOLT) over Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:49)
157: Aaron Czewski (HOLT) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (MD 9-1)
165: Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) over Gavin Alvarez (HOLT) (Fall 0:18) (STJOHNS unsportsmanlike -1.0) (STJOHNS unsportsmanlike -2.0)

St Johns 28 vs. Fowlerville 48 (01/17/2024)

165: Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) over Vincent Saunders (FOWVLLE) (Fall 0:00)
175: Waylon Lamkin (FOWVLLE) over Mike Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:01)
190: Richard Davis (FOWVLLE) over Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:58)
215: Layne O`Neil (FOWVLLE) over Gavin Moreno (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:47)
285: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over George Daniel (FOWVLLE) (Fall 3:35)
106: Justin Gutierrez (FOWVLLE) over (STJOHNS) (For.)
113: Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) over Matt Jeffrey (FOWVLLE) (Dec 15-10)
120: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Alex Loomis (FOWVLLE) (MD 9-0)
126: Connor Stankov (FOWVLLE) over Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:01)
132: Tony Bergin (FOWVLLE) over Xavier Benjamin (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:33)
138: Margaret Buurma (FOWVLLE) over Bennett Ward (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:49)
144: Cohen Larrison (STJOHNS) over Frederik Dallerup (FOWVLLE) (Dec 10-4)
150: Ben Krajniak (STJOHNS) over (FOWVLLE) (For.)
157: Brock Foster (FOWVLLE) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:46)

JV Matches

Tryston Bancroft (St Johns HS) over Kyle Duggan (Holt HS) (MD 15-3)
Carter Sproessig (Holt HS) over Austin Clark (St Johns HS) (Dec 12-7)
Jaxson Densmore (St Johns HS) over Ah Rin (Holt HS) (Dec 6-2)
Josiah Wilson (St Johns HS) over Pavakar Magar (Holt HS) (Fall 5:46)
Spencer Barclay (Holt HS) over Timothy VanLake (St Johns HS) (Fall 3:59)
Merlin McNitt (St Johns HS) over Demetrius Jackson (Holt HS) (Fall 2:00)
Oliver Nobis (St Johns HS) over Brennen Richter (Holt HS) (Fall 2:52)
Kaelyn Rozycki (Holt HS) over Amaria Fincher (St Johns HS) (Fall 5:37)
Olivia Pettigrew (St Johns HS) over Giselle Parker (Holt HS) (Fall 3:42)

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