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My name is Parker Beebee, and soccer has always been the sport that has brought me the most joy. Specifically, I love to be my team’s goalkeeper. I am in 8th Grade currently, play for SJSC, and plan to try out for the St. John’s High School Boys Soccer team in the upcoming fall season.

From ages 7-10 years old, I loved playing soccer with the amazing club team that I had. However, at the end of my spring season, my club team was bought out by another club, and I had to play for a different team.

After the season on my new team, I left the team and stopped playing soccer for a while. I wanted to take a break from playing for a while. I played several other sports such as basketball, baseball, and even wrestling, but none of these sports gave me the same joy that soccer has given me over the years that I have played.

After taking a break from playing organized soccer for a year, one of my friends suggested that I join a different team, SJSC, and give the sport another chance, and I agreed to join after a very long and reassuring conversation. Not only did I find my love for soccer again, but I also made several new friends on the team.

Looking back at my soccer experiences, I am so glad that I gave it another chance and I am very glad that I decided to keep playing. I will always be glad that I gave soccer another shot and I will not let go of it. Soccer has been my past, present, and future, and I believe that it always will be.

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