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Was It All Worth It?

Are wrestlers everywhere wondering, was it worth it? Was it worth practicing every day and going to tournaments every Weekend all wrestling season, if not longer, only to find out that the State Championship might be canceled?  And even if they are just rescheduled, all the wrestling practice rooms everywhere are closed. I would like to tell you what I think, how I feel about working so hard towards one of my goals, only to have life add a new obstacle so big wrestlers everywhere are feeling the pain.

Let me first say that it hasn’t stopped me from training every day. I have bigger goals than the State Championship, but the loss of this tournament still hit wrestlers hard. The Championship is one of the reasons many wrestlers worked every day for months. From drilling and training in the practice rooms for hours and putting in extra work at home, we were ready for this tournament.

It’s more than just not wrestling in a big state tournament and winning a title. It’s not seeing my wrestling family, my coaches, my practice partners and my friends. I see and work with these people for hours every day. They make me a better wrestler and a better person. They are my second family. I wish everyone could have this in their life.

I miss rolling on the mats and learning new moves, I miss going live and the thrill of a match, I miss the rush of a win and the learning that comes from a loss. I miss the grind, I miss it all.

So, would I do it again? Would I still put in all the hard work, knowing this tournament might not happen? Yes, without a doubt!  I have not stopped! Life is certainly different for now, but we all will be back in that circle soon.

By Donovan Quinn


Sports Essay

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