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When I Broke My Hand During Baseball Season:

One day in 3rd grade, it was the third to last day of the school year, I was in gym class and we were playing dodge-ball, when I threw the ball, and hit my hand on the bleachers! My hand was in so much pain! After gym class we had lunch and I could barely open my lunch pale. After school I told my parents what happened and they said it would be fine. The next day, after I got dressed and ready, my parents decided we should get it checked out and have an x-ray done. The doctor came back in the room and said it was broken, so they put a soft cast on. The next day I got a real, hard cast put on. So a few days later I had a baseball tournament, I was kinda sad because I couldn’t play. But after the first game, my dad (who helped coach) came over and said I could play. I got so excited! Soon the game started, I played outfield, but I didn’t catch any balls. But then, we were up to bat and it was my turn, and I hit a single with my left hand (which I had broke my right hand & I am a righty)! It felt good to be playing again! After that tournament we had another tournament game, this time I played first base. I only struck out once this game, but hit on the rest of my times up to bat. It was a lot of fun to be able to play and a few of the other teams coaches gave me a high five for not giving up! to sponsor youth baseball and softball teams

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