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Hi, my name is Addie Somers and I am/was a cross country and track runner for SJ high school. My story starts all the way back to 9th grade. My first year I was extremely successful in XC, was second on the team, made it to states with the team. Right after my season ended a lot of obstacles started hitting, I started having major pains in my foot, I went to the doctor and it turned out I had plantar fasciitis, so I ended up having to take a while off of running. That’s when everything just started to tumble on each other. Next thing I knew I got extreme back pains and it continued all the way till now. Anyways, next thing I knew track started, I ran on the foot because I couldn’t just quit my first year, and it ended up healing but they didn’t have me running in certain meets and that really upset me. Going from really good to not even being in the meets hurt. I ended up making it to Regionals that year but never made it to States.

Skipping to 10th grade cross my plantar fasciitis was still there and the back pains got worse, I ended up not being able to run half the season and came back at the end, and sadly our team did not make it to states that year. I was absolutely crushed along with the rest of the team. Hear me out, if you are ever injured please take care of it before you continue your sports, trust me you will regret it.  10th grade track was also just a disappointment, because I wasn’t fully healed and it was not good. At that point I just really didn’t have any hope at all. Except for the fact I ended up healing that summer, and that’s when I saw hope again, hope that I could become a good part of the team again.

I came into 11th grade cross feeling amazing! My coach even told me I matured so much and he was so proud of me. In the past I had cried whenever a race wasn’t working out, and he told me, “you are not who you were, you are stronger now” and that has stuck with me, not just in running but in everything. We ended up making it to states, and I ran with my two best friends, 11th grade cross was the best year I ever had! On top of that at the end of the season Coach gave me the coaches award, and the team awarded me captain for the next year. Leaving that day I felt amazing, I felt like I could do anything.

My encouragement for you is to never give up, I never gave up on that relay and I made it, and I’ve never gave up on running, I’ve always come back the next season no matter what happens. Senior year cross ended me in a boot, but I’m here to tell you, at the end of the day how bad you want it determines what you get, I wanted to be successful, so I made it a task. Stay strong in who you are and what you want and I’m sure at the end of the day you will get what you earn.

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