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SJ Redwings Swim & Dive Newsletter

Weekend News for the week ending October 3, 2020
Submitted by J. Vance

Swim & Dive Highlights: SJ Wins Against Mason

Medley Relay: 1st: Dennany, Vance, Howell, Wesner 

200 Free: 1st: Schaefer, 2nd: Howell, 5th: Greider

200 IM: 1st: Voisinet, 3rd: Hamelink, 5th: Alden

50 Free: 1st: Martens, 3rd: Wesner, 4th: Morrison

Diving: 1st: Smith, 3rd: Spitzley, 4th: Labean

100 Fly: 1st: Munro, 5th: Dennany, 6th: Hamelink

100 Free: 1st: Martens, 2nd: Voisinet, 3rd: Wesner

500 Free: 1st: Morrison, 2nd: Howell, 6th: Thelen

200 Free Relay: 1st: Munro, Schaefer, Voisinet, Martens, 3rd: Pagels, Billings, Sterle, Vance 

100 Backstroke: 1st: Dennany, 2nd: Munro, 3rd: Alden

100 Breastroke: 1st: Schaefer, 4th: Vance, 6th: Greider

400 Free Relay: 1st: Howell, Morrison, Alden, Dennany, 4th: Billings, Sterle, Harps, Thelen

SJ v. Eaton Rapids (loss 88-94)

Medley Relay: 2nd: Dennany, Hamelink, Howell, Wesner, 3rd: Harps, Vance, Alden, Morrison

200 Free: 2nd: Munro, 3rd: Wesner, 6th: Thelen

200 IM: 1st: Schaefer, 3rd: Martens

50 Free: 2nd: Voisinet, 4th: Morrison, 5th: Howell

Diving: 1st: Smith, 2nd: Corey, 3rd: Labean

100 Fly: 2nd: Schaefer, 3rd: Martens, 4th: Munro

100 Free: 3rd: Wesner, 4th: Hamelink, 6th: Vance


500 Free: 2nd: Dennany, 5th: Thelen

200 Free Relay: 2nd: Voisinet, Munro, Martens, Schaefer, 3rd: Alden, Hamelink, Morrison, Wesner

100 Backstroke: 2nd: Voisinet, 3rd: Dennany, 6th: Morrison


100 Breastroke: 3rd: Hamelink, 4th: Vance, 5th: Alden

400 Free Relay: 1st: Martens, Munro, Voisinet, Schaefer, 4th: Howell, Thelen, Vance, Dennany

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Upcoming meets (subject to change) 

6:00pm start time:

10/6/20 Home v. DeWitt

10/8/20 Away v. Ionia

10/13/20 Away v. Waverly


Swim Sister Gifts: 10/08/20


Senior Night: 10/22/20


How Our Girls Earn Points for the Team:

Individual events:

1st place: 6 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd place: 3 points

4th place: 2 points (4th place matters!)

5th place: 1 point (5th place matters!)


1st place: Earns 8 points for the team (each swimmer earns 2 pts.)

2nd place: Earns 4 points for the team (each swimmer earns 1 point)

3rd place: Earns 2 points for the team (each swimmer earns ½ point)

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Meet Our Team:

Teagan Martens, Senior:

Favorite event: 100 Fly

# of years swimming: 6

Hated event!: 200 IM

Boring fact: Puts several Oreo cookies in milk, waits until they get really soggy, then eats them with a spoon

Future Plans: Be a heavy equipment operator/get  a CDL license and drive truck.

Katelyn Thelen, Freshman, Diver:

Favorite dive: Tuck dive

# of years diving: a little under a year

Hated dive!: any back dive

Boring fact: when I get on the board, I draw a cross on it with my foot before I do my first dive.

Future Plans: To continue to dive to get better at diving.

Natalie Labean, Freshman, Diver:

Favorite Dive: reverse somersault or inward dive

# of years diving: 3

Hated dive!: anything backwards!

Boring fact: When the pools were closed, I went to dryland practice at Spartan Dive.

Future Plans: Dive in college at Princeton University

Paige Thelen, freshman:

Favorite event: 100 Free

# of years swimming: 9 yrs. on and off

Hated event!: Anything fly

Boring fact: I also play soccer

Future Plans: Going to college

Maria Dennany, senior:

Favorite event: 500 freestyle

# of years swimming: 12 years

Hated event!: 100 breaststroke

Boring fact: I like anime

Future Plans: To live in Chicago!

Lily Howell, freshman:

Favorite event: 200 IM

# of years swimming: 8 years total

Hated event!: 50 free

Boring fact: I love coffee!

Future Plans: Eating Disorder Therapist

Ellie Vance, freshman:

Favorite event: 100 breastroke

# of years swimming: since 6 years old

Hated event!: 100 fly

Boring fact: Favorite color: green

Future Plans: going to college

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