Redwings Go 4-1 at Chelsea Duals

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St. Johns Redwing Wrestling Copy


Chelsea – Kargel Duals
#Redwingfansubmitted photos by Amy Riedel

St Johns 54 vs. U of D Jesuit 32 (01/14/2023)

106: Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) over Jack Murray (DETJESUT) (Fall 3:44)
113: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Liam Porter (DETJESUT) (Fall 1:01)
120: Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) over Terry Daniels (DETJESUT) (Fall 4:00)
126: Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) over Thomas Jamil (DETJESUT) (Fall 0:58)
132: Joseph Guarino (DETJESUT) over Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) (MD 13-0)
132: Joseph Guarino (DETJESUT) over Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) (MD 13-0)
138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Bennett Vesprini (DETJESUT) (Fall 0:24)
144: Triston Thompson (DETJESUT) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:46)
150: Sean Mcnally (DETJESUT) over Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:23)
157: Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) over (DETJESUT) (For.)
165: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over (DETJESUT) (For.)
175: Joseph Stachelek (DETJESUT) over Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:42)
190: Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) over Carlos Abundis (DETJESUT) (Fall 3:08)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Lucas Gray (DETJESUT) (Fall 2:25)
285: Michari Bradshaw (DETJESUT) over Chris Kus (STJOHNS) (Fall 5:48)

St Johns 63 vs. Michigan Center 14 (01/14/2023)

106: Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) over (MICHCENT) (For.)
113: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Carter Mikolajczyk (MICHCENT) (Fall 2:55)
120: Ashton Bristow (MICHCENT) over Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) (MD 10-2)
126: Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) over (MICHCENT) (For.)
132: Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) over Abby Holbrook (MICHCENT) (Fall 3:35)
138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over George Masters (MICHCENT) (Fall 1:53)
144: Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) over Robert Hill (MICHCENT) (Fall 1:02)
150: Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) over Barrett Bradley (MICHCENT) (Fall 1:07)
157: Andrew Beadenkopf (MICHCENT) over Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) (MD 9-1)
165: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Blake Short (MICHCENT) (Dec 6-1)
175: Chase Short (MICHCENT) over Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:44)
190: Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) over Gavin Klintworth (MICHCENT) (Fall 1:37)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over DeJay Porter (MICHCENT) (Fall 0:52)
285: Chris Kus (STJOHNS) over (MICHCENT) (For.)

Jonesville 24 vs. St Johns 46 (01/14/2023)

106: Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) over (JONESVLE) (For.)
113: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Blake Ryan (JONESVLE) (Fall 1:29)
120: Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) over Gene Wagner (JONESVLE) (Fall 0:21)
126: Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) over Max Smith (JONESVLE) (Fall 4:57)
132: Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) over (JONESVLE) (For.)
138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Tyler Frederick (JONESVLE) (Fall 1:54)
144: Carson Playford (JONESVLE) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (Dec 5-2)
150: Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) over (JONESVLE) (For.)
157: Ben Colbert (JONESVLE) over Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) (Dec 7-0)
165: Austin Bowers (JONESVLE) over Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) (Dec 9-5)
175: Jordan Vansickle (JONESVLE) over Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (Dec 6-3)
190: Isaac Shively (JONESVLE) over Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:13)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Evan McColley (JONESVLE) (MD 9-1)
285: Cooper Stevens (JONESVLE) over Chris Kus (STJOHNS) (Fall 2:50)

St Johns 48 vs. Owosso 36 (01/14/2023)

150: Taylor Lange (OWOSSO) over Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:39) 157: Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) over Jaylin English (OWOSSO) (Fall 3:39) 165: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Paige Heise (OWOSSO) (Fall 0:14) 175: Tyler Dewley (OWOSSO) over Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:37) 190: Zach Rye (OWOSSO) over Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) (Fall 3:48) 215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Ashton White (OWOSSO) (Fall 1:08) 285: Parker Spencer (OWOSSO) over Chris Kus (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:05) 106: Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) over Alex Fisher (OWOSSO) (Fall 1:46) 113: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over (OWOSSO) (For.) 120: Owen Ott (OWOSSO) over Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:06) 126: Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) over Eden Ackley (OWOSSO) (Fall 1:20) 132: Avynn Dilts (OWOSSO) over Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:03) 138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over (OWOSSO) (For.) 144: Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) over Shane Fisher (OWOSSO) (Fall 0:55)

Chelsea 47 vs. St Johns 25 (01/14/2023)

157: Massimo Culgliari (CHELSEA) over Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) (MD 14-2)
165: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Joshua Gartke (CHELSEA) (Fall 1:18)
175: Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) over Indiana Hurst (CHELSEA) (Dec 10-4)
190: Nick Garza (CHELSEA) over Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) (Fall 2:55)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Collin Tailford (CHELSEA) (Fall 1:56)
285: Donavan Fisk (CHELSEA) over Chris Kus (STJOHNS) (Fall 4:36)
106: Evan Muchler (CHELSEA) over Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:21)
113: Kamren Chapman (CHELSEA) over Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) (SV-1 5-3)
120: Hunter Burk (CHELSEA) over Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) (MD 13-1)
126: Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) over Chase Messersmith (CHELSEA) (Fall 1:14)
132: Lucas Racine (CHELSEA) over Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:26)
138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Carter Trinkle (CHELSEA) (MD 14-2)
144: Victor Radu (CHELSEA) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (Fall 4:56)
150: Elijah Ratliff (CHELSEA) over Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) (Fall 2:42)

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