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We’re not sure what made this young Redwing team have such a great performance at the Conference Meet held at SJHS the last two days.  Maybe it was the home field advantage or the atmosphere of the packed crowd.  It could have been their desire to perform well at the last meet of the year.  Possibly it was all their hard work, early morning practices and dedication to training that paid off.  Our guess is that they did it for their Coach, in his last meet at St. Johns.  In any case, we counted 42 new personal records and it was a blast to watch.

*Personal Records in Bold

200 Yard Medley Relay

Marcus Jones, Sam Hudgens, Shane VanAble, Ryan Down

St. Johns A 1:53.58
St. Johns A 1:52.05

200 Yard Free

Alec Stewart (11) 6th

Preston Longoria (9) 14th

John Adkins 2:18.42
Ethan Gibson 2:14.82
Preston Longoria 2.01.66
Alec Stewart 1:57.59
Ethan Gibson 2:10.28 – 22nd
Preston Longoria 2:01.64 – 14th
Alec Stewart 1:56.28 – 6th

200 Yard IM (Individual Medley)

Marcus Jones (12) – 11th

Shane VanAbel (10) – 8th

Koy Grams 2:19.75
Marcus Jones 2:18.60
Shane VanAble 2:15.04
Koy Grams 2:17.28 – 17th
Marcus Jones 2:16.78 – 11th
Shane VanAble 2:15.73 – 8th

50 Yard Free

Max Leasher (10) – 16th

Fernando Jimenez 31.75
Mason Sova 30.71
Sebastian Delgado 27.81
Graham Harger 26.95
Zach Fox 25.90
Ryan Dow 25.62
Max Leasher 24.64
Ryan Dow 26.51 – 21st
Zach Fox 25.12 – 18th
Max Leasher 24.82 – 16th

1 Mtr Diving

Mason Sova (12) – 16th

Sam Hudgens (12) -5th

Sebastian Delgado 149.25 – 19th
Mason Sova 214.15 – 16th
Sam Hudgens 352.20 – 5th

100 Yard Fly

Alec Stewart (11) – 9th

Shane VanAbel (10) – 13th

Shane VanAble 1:02.41
Alec Stewart 1:01.83
Shane VanAbel 1:02.62 – 13th
Alec Stewart 1:00.54 – 9th

100 Yard Free

Fernando Jimenz 1:10.59
Ethan Gibson 59.96
Zach Fox 59.17
Ryan Dow 55.74
Ryan Dow 55.87 – 20th

500 Yard Free

Max Leasher (10) – 8th

Preston Longoria (9) – 11th

Matthew Thelen 6:23.32
Preston Longoria 5:26.04
Max Leasher 5:15.74
Matthew Thelen 6:16.44 – 24th
Preston Longoria 5:24.16 – 11th
Max Leasher 5:17.80 – 8th

200 Yard Free Relay

Alec Stewart, Shane VanAbel, Koy Grams, Max Leasher – 5th

St. Johns B 1:59.39
St. Johns A 1:38.57
St. Johns A 1:38.15 – 5th

100 Yard Backstroke

Marcus Jones (12) – 10th

Tyler Reck 1:23.07
John Adkins 1:15.67
Matthew Thelen 1:11.62
Marcus Jones 1:02.79
Matthew Thelen 1:11.74 – 21st
Marcus Jones 1:02.59 – 10th

100 Yard Breastroke

Sam Hudgens (12) – 9th

Koy Grams (10) – 6th

Tyler Reck 1:24.63
Graham Harger 1:20.13
Sam Hudgens 1:09.11
Koy Grams 1:08.97
Graham Harger 1:17.47 – 20th
Sam Hudgens 1:07.87 – 9th
Koy Grams 1:07.63 – 6th

400 Yard Free Relay

Koy Grams, Alec Stewart, Ryan Dow, Max Leasher

St. Johns B 4:17.89
St. Johns A 3:43.96
St. Johns A 3:39.73 – 7th

Our choice for Swim of the Night:
Sam Hudgens – 100 Breastroke 1:07.87.  This is what happens when you don’t have the performance you were hoping for in the Diving event, but don’t let it define your meet.  Instead, you go out and take almost 4 seconds off your previous best time and blow away the field.  This time would have placed 7th if it was in the Championship Heat.

Thank you to Dewitt for hosting the meet at St. Johns and Congratulations to Okemos for their 1st place finish.  Okemos and Dewitt share the 2020 Conference title.  Thank you to all the fans for such a great showing of support, it was a meet to remember!  Congratulations to all our Redwings, they made us all proud.  Go Redwings!


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