Redwing Cheer All Conference/All District/ All Region Awards 2024

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All Conference – Aly O’Connor, Natalie LaBean, Mya Robertson,Natalie Stoy, Edith Corey, Anna Hagerman

Honorable mentions– Ella Koenigsknecht, Harper Grams, Madison Helms, Mallorie Snow

1st Team all District – Anna Hagerman, Edith Corey, Natalie Stoy

2nd Team all District– Mya Robertson, Natalie LaBean

Honorable mention– Aly O’Connor, Mallorie Snow

All Region Honorable Mention- Anna Hagerman Regional placing of 10th place allowed us to name 1 individual to honorable mention.

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Redwing Track and Field Team Hurdles Fowlerville

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