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St. Johns Redwing Wrestling Copy 4


St Johns 30 vs. Fowlerville 54 (01/18/2023)
132: Levi Baker (FOWVLLE) over Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:14)
138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Ayden Goodwin (FOWVLLE) (Fall 0:55)
144: Jesse Johnson (FOWVLLE) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:23)
150: Connor Kiernan (FOWVLLE) over Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:49)
157: Brock Foster (FOWVLLE) over Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) (Fall 2:51)
165: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Vincent Saunders (FOWVLLE) (Fall 3:44) 175:
Waylon Lamkin (FOWVLLE) over Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:08) 190:
Richard Davis (FOWVLLE) over Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:50) 215:
Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Jacob Esch (FOWVLLE) (Fall 3:44) 285:
George Daniel (FOWVLLE) over Collin Simons (STJOHNS) (Fall 5:13) 106:
Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) over Justin Gutierrez (FOWVLLE) (Fall 3:52) 113:
Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Gavinn Stankov (FOWVLLE) (Fall 3:54) 120:
Connor Stankov (FOWVLLE) over Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) (Fall 2:34) 126:
Dalton Daniel (FOWVLLE) over Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:55)

St Johns 21 vs. Portland 54 (01/18/2023)
138: Cole Riedel (STJOHNS) over Drew Miller (PORTLAND) (Dec 6-4)
144: Mason McGregor (PORTLAND) over Brady Heibeck (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:39)
150: Brad Meyers (PORTLAND) over Jayden Keys (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:42)
157: John Dodson (PORTLAND) over Isaiah Cobb (STJOHNS) (Fall 1:38)
165: Jason Stevens (STJOHNS) over Lorenz Fernandez Gruber (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:45)
175: Barrett Spitzley (PORTLAND) over Michael Berkhousen (STJOHNS) (TF 20-4 0:00) 190: Gunnar Williams (PORTLAND) over Brody Abendroth (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:40)
215: Ryan Dimmick (STJOHNS) over Branson Goodman (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:36)
285: Mark Meyers (PORTLAND) over Collin Simons (STJOHNS) (Dec 6-0)
106: Andrew Feldpausch (PORTLAND) over Reagan Ward (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:50)
113: Sean Pettigrew (STJOHNS) over Jake Olson (PORTLAND) (Fall 2:17)
120: Connor Gleason (PORTLAND) over Tyler Riedel (STJOHNS) (MD 12-0)
126: Ethan Webert (PORTLAND) over Austin Dailey (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:42)
132: Isaac Kramer (PORTLAND) over Reed Larrison (STJOHNS) (Fall 0:43)



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