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The main goal with SJSportsPage.com is to highlight the success of Redwing athletes.  How do we define success?  To us it can often mean one or more of the following outcomes.  Check out our list and let us know if we have missed any.  If after reading this, if you decide that you might have had more success than you thought, please share it with us!

1. Winning
One of the main reasons athletes practice twice a day, lift weights, run sprints or study playbooks is to win.  Sports do not make sense if teams or athletes are not giving their best to try and win a contest or race.  Having said that, a loss does not necessarily mean that their has not been success.

2. Records Set (personal and/or team) 
Setting personal or team records mean you have accomplished something that hasn’t been done before.  If you set goals and achieve them, that is the definition of success.

3. Lessons Learned
When you learn something from the contest or during the training, you have succeeded, win or lose.  You will use that lesson to get better, get faster or get stronger and ultimately learn to win more.

4. Focus Improved
Sports have been proven to improve focus.  If that helps you with learning or other activities, you have succeeded and will also continue to succeed.

5. Physical Strength/ Conditioning Improved
The training required to compete and improve in a sport improves your body’s ability to function better in other sports, other activities and improves your life in general.  You will feel better, perform better and increase your chances for success.

6. Self Confidence Improved
You proved something to yourself, now you know what you can do when you work for it.  When the training and competition of your sport improves your mental heath, you have certainly succeeded.

7. Work Ethic Improved
You’ve learned that hard work pays off.  You’re going to apply that to everyday life from now on.  Success will follow you wherever you go.

8.  Skills Learned
Sports require many skills.  Learning them takes time, effort and the ability to listen and learn from others.  This type of success can be used as a blueprint of how to succeed in school,  at your occupation and tasks you choose to take on in life.

9. Relationships Built
You’ve built a bond with your teams or coaches.  You’ve strengthened a relationship with a parent or sibling through a shared interest.  Being part of a team means being part of something bigger than yourself.  Something that helps you grow, as an athlete and as a person.

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10. You’ve Helped Others
The ultimate success comes from helping others.  That doesn’t mean you don’t put your own goals first,  but it does mean that you help others along the way.  Giving words of encouragement, offering advice to a younger player, coaching or teaching an athlete, all make a difference to others.  Offering to help an opponent off the ground, thanking an official, volunteering time, these are all examples of success to us.

What do you think?  How do you define success?  Share it in the comments, send us a message or use the hashtag #HowDoYouDefineRedwingSuccess.  We’d love to hear it.  Go Redwings!


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